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Uniting Voices: The 21UP Movement takes a stand against knife crime at Nottingham College

In a poignant display of unity and courage, The 21UP Movement takes a stand against knife crime at Nottingham College, which was hosted by Romel Davis, a dedicated youth outreach worker for Nottinghamshire Police. Founder Perry Blake led a group of inspiring young individuals to share their personal experiences with knife crime in front of a captivated audience of over 200 students.

The event was a platform for heartfelt storytelling, where each speaker shed light on the profound impact of knife crime on their lives. Harry, at just 17 years old, bravely shared his story of losing a close friend at the beginning of 2023, while Zahra, 18, movingly spoke about the tragic loss of her brother, Kamran Yusef Khaled, in Ilford in 2021. Tanna, also 18, took his first steps into public speaking by presenting his magazine pitch to a room filled with potential employers.

The emotional depth of the event was further amplified by Zoe Cooke's touching narrative about her son, Byron. Every facet of the issue was explored, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees. The event also featured insightful speeches from members of Nottingham Police headquarters, emphasizing the collaborative effort required to combat knife crime effectively.

The 21UP Movement extends heartfelt gratitude to Romel Davis and the Nottinghamshire Police for the warm hospitality and the opportunity to amplify their voices in the fight against knife crime. This event serves as a powerful reminder that through unity, advocacy, and shared experiences, positive change can be fostered in our communities.

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Mar 07
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Well done, Perry!

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