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The very first 21UP Movement music video intervention program on knife crime

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Founder Perry Blake Perry Blake on rooftop at “Choices” Video shoot
Perry Blake on rooftop at “Choices” Video shoot

The founder, Perry Blake, did not have access to resources or referrals to get young people involved in the 21UP Movement. Being a very talented music artist and passionate about creating change amongst youth, he planned his own intervention to help tackle knife crime the only way he knew and recorded a drill song with the reverse concept of drill music. So instead of talking about violence, he rapped about the consequences of violence. Then asked young people and their friends if they wanted to participate in a drill music video on 26 March 2022. Every group of people that came to the video only knew one person Perry included.

There was an altercation with the police upon Perry's arrival at the shoot concerning the location and the way the extras were dressed as Perry had asked them to wear dark clothing in order for his message to be articulated in the right way. Once he explained to police his intentions for the music video, they happily gave everyone a police escort back up. This changed the view of police to every young person there as cooperation from the authorities is something they had never witnessed let alone been a part of.

In between scenes, Perry was talking to the young people about their choices in life, reflecting on the points made in his song. He was asking them what they wanted to do with their lives and what they were passionate about, telling them he will help them achieve their goals but they needed to be conscious of the decisions they were making, otherwise, they could end up making one that didn't benefit them in the long run.

This day was full of good vibes and positive energy. The following day, 21UP Movement was born because out of the kids that were there, most of them contacted Perry the next day to ask for help in creating opportunities for them to pursue what they were passionate about.

The young people ages 14 - 21 years old did not expect to be getting life lessons at a video shoot. However, they appreciated the advice they were given and decided they wanted a part to play in the journey of the 21UP Movement as it felt like a very positive decision to make. Perry made it evident that 21UP Movement was going to have a big impact on today's youth and ask them to “believe in the process because We are the process and we must believe in ourselves and work hard to achieve the results we want".

The music video “Foebt Fully - Choices” went on to be released on the UK's Lead music platform GRM Daily. Due to the message being delivered in the song, they gave it a free promo. And as a token of his appreciation, Perry gave a free 21UP Movement Snapback to every young person involved that can be seen in the clip in the video.

Majority of the participants are still very much involved with the 21UP Movement to this day and feel lucky to have been there to experience that very first project.


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