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21UP Movement is a youth intervention program / youth empowerment organisation that specialises in empowering young people to achieve more.


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I am a DBS approved Volunteer for the 21 Up Movement assisting with the Youth Club nights at the Hermit in Brentwood. Always an uplifting vibe to see young people from diverse backgrounds enjoying time / getting creative & talking about some serious challenges in life and how to hopefully overcome their' struggles. Proud to be part of the 21 Up Family and helping with events to promote positive mind sets amongst the Youth of today

Matt Flain

My son wanted to attend a studio session with 21up and Perry was kind enough to invite me in. From what I initially thought was going to be a group of young boys showing off their rapping skills it became much more than that. A group podcast talking in general to divulging into a deep meaningful open debate and a therapy session without the coffee shirt and tie.something young teens can relate too a young individual who knows how it feels to deal with pressure of today’s society speaking to them like men listening more than talking. Which led to the boys really opening up and I as a parent learning so much more about my son. The session was powerful Insightful and a delight to be a part of tipped of with some killer bars. Fair play and continue what you are doing

As a parent, I was extremely worried about my child's involvement in violent activities.I had tried everything to get my child to change their behavior, but nothing seemed to work. That's when we came across 21UP Anti-Violence and Pro-Creativity Group.My child attended several sessions with the group and I was amazed by the positive changes I saw in my child's behavior. They began to understand the negative impact that violence can have on themselves and their community, and started to focus their energy on more positive and creative activities.The group provided a safe and supportive environment for my child to express themselves and learn new skills. They developed a love for art and music, and found a sense of purpose in using their creativity to make a positive impact in their community.I am grateful to 21UP for helping my child turn their life around. The group provided the guidance and support my child needed to break free from the cycle of violence and make positive changes in their life.I highly recommend 21UP to any parent who is looking for a way to help their child overcome violence and find a positive path in life.

Father present in group session (11-14)
Anonymous Parent from Brentwood

As a member of 21UP Anti-Violence and Pro-Creativity Group, I am proud to share my experience with the group. Before I joined, I was struggling with anger and frustration that often led me to engage in violent behavior. I felt lost and didn't know how to break free from the cycle of violence.

When I joined 21UP, I found a community of like-minded individuals who shared my passion for creativity and desire for positive change. Through the group's workshops and activities, I learned new skills in art and music that allowed me to express myself in a positive and healthy way.

The group provided a supportive and encouraging environment that helped me develop my self-esteem and confidence. I learned that I could make a positive impact on my community through my creativity and by advocating for positive change.

Now, I use my creativity to inspire others and spread positivity. I am grateful to 21UP for helping me break free from the cycle of violence and find a positive path in life.

I encourage anyone struggling with similar issues to reach out to 21UP and experience the transformative power of creativity and community.

Anonymous member

My name is Albie Jnr Magodyo, I met Perry Through a mutual friend called Usman.

Perry has helped me with boosting my morale and helping me to find confidence to get out there and get what I want out of life because we only have one, and no one is going to do it for me.


Before 21UP my life was dull, I had no goals and felt like I was walking around this planet like I was hollow, with no real faith or belief in myself.

I think Perrys work is so valuable and needed in society everywhere today because there are so many young people that feel the same way I did. When people feel hopeless, they are more easily steered towards the wrong path.


Perry has made me feel like I can help people like he does. A spotlight in the darkness to show young people there is a different, and better way. Being a part of something positive makes me feel important and like I’m doing something for the greater good.


The opportunities that are now available to me because of Perry and the work I am doing with him are incredible, it has opened up so many doors for me that I feel wouldn’t of been possible otherwise.


Albie Jnr Magodyo

My name is Usman and. I’ve known Perry since around February / March, we met whilst I was working for the anti-knife crime movement that I work for and we sparked up a conversation together and it turned out that we have very similar viewpoints and opinions on the topics we were talking about.


From there we networked with each other and he’s been my mentor, around 10 months later here we still are and he supports me in the many areas of my life. I have learnt from Perry to have a lot of discipline and think before I act because I could be 1 bad decision from a completely different life. As Perry told me when we first met and has said many times since then, We are not the product of our environment, we are the product of our choices, and if we don’t class ourselves as a product of our choices then we will become victims to our circumstances. This advice right here will stick with me for life, whenever I’m about to make a dumb decision or get stupid thoughts My subconscious thoughts display those words in my consciousness, it’s like a metaphorical slap in the face to me telling me to pattern up.


Growing up I lacked guidance and had a troublesome adolescence, although I’m only 17 right now I have experienced A LOT of things in my life at such a young age that most people won’t ever experience in their whole life. I have experienced a lot of violence, stepping out of my house whilst praying to my Lord that I make it home safely as people were outside every day to cause Grevious Bodily Harm to me and my friends. I and my friends are not soft so you can’t be surprised or blame us when I tell you that we were trying to do the same back to them all over some petty situations that would cause us nothing but regret and pain.


Perry’s work is very valuable for the communities in my opinion. I have met a lot of people in my life that say 1000 things about how they want to do this or that but are completely unserious and are doing it for the wrong reasons, money, fame etc. I can put it on my Lord when I say that I know Perry Blake’s heart and mind is in the right place. That’s why I respect him so much and will support him and his sons for my whole life, I can put my life on that statement.


Perry has uplifted me and has made me feel the need to do as best as I can in life and not let my potential go to waste. Coming from a council estate with violence and negativity everywhere, it feels amazing to be a part of something positive like this, helps me sleep at night knowingI’m doing something good and contributing to a better life. The opportunities with the 21upmovement are limitless it ranges in so many different subjects and places.


He's made so much happen in such a short space of-time for me and many others I.e countless amount of studio time, music videos, photoshoots, he’s won awards for 21UP Movement and invited me to come along to the black tie events. In conclusion, I’m glad to have the 21upmovement in my life. I Dread to think where I would be without it. Im also very proud to say that because of the hard work I’ve put into the 21UP Movement and changes I’ve made in my life he put me through an in-house programme and I was presented with an ambassadors award.


Thank you

Usman Ali

I met  Perry at the choices music video when I was 16 and been involved in the youth program 21UP movement and other things he does. Perry known as Foebtfully helped me through my barbering career. Before I had no confidence because of my disability of being deaf and never thought I would get no where being barber but he motivate me to what could be if I work hard for my passions and he let me cut his hair first mix raced person hair I cut and he brang his friend aswell then because he let me practice on his head an because it  look good lots of other people let me cut their hair too now I’m barber in a shop and perry come to my shop and get his hair cut and is proud of Me. He believes in me and bring me to photo shoots and He makes me think and act positivity in my life giving me a strong mindset. He make sure I’m in correct lane preventing drama and negativity in life, his work is very highly valuable as I know a lot of people are being inspired by Perry All the youths started to listen to him and understanding the  state of society. This is why we need Perry to speak for the world as he changing lives from negative to positive, as we in England have lots of negative things and Perry put in his best to be voice of it and help people like me by pointing them in the right direction. He need to be on massive platform for more people needs his help before they die young. He will give them opportunities I’ve seen it happen. They will believe they can achieve once they listen to him speak to them.

Cody Hill

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