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Invite to Houses of Parliament

21UP Movement Founder Perry Blake recently joined a Houses of Parliament discussion on knife crime in London. The event saw last year Brunel University students put together a PowerPoint presentation focusing on statistics, prosecution rates, impact on families and communities and ongoing efforts.

Hosted by Mike Kane MP, Amina Khalid from Initiatives of Change (ICO), and Founder and CEO of Academy of Hard Knocks Sam Rowe, Perry Blake's presence showcased the potential for change through collaboration and a determined mindset. This milestone event provided a platform for community leaders to share insights, exchange ideas, and foster cooperation in addressing knife crime in the capital.

The discussion emphasized the urgency of proactive measures and the importance of accountability while recognizing the profound impact on affected individuals and the need for support and rehabilitation. This momentous occasion marked a significant step towards a safer and more cohesive society, inspiring positive change in the fight against knife crime and allowing Perry to share the mission statement and journey to date of the 21UP Movement with the ears of the central government. 

"It was an overwhelming experience. Big shout out to Sam Rowe for giving me the opportunity.” - Perry Blake



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