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21UP Movement

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Lack of opportunities amongst young people causes a lack of hope and self belief. Young people with no hope can cause an increase in youth violence and poor mental health. Giving a young person the ability to believe in themselves 'till they start seeing results now that’s a game changer. The 21UP Movement wants to prevent a growing problem rather than cure one that's out of control.

The How

This goal is being achieved through intervention programmes, creative writing, podcasts, studio sessions, designing new merch, modelling merch, photography, editing, talent shows, support groups, social experiments and debates on real world topics. We give young people a way to express themselves in a creative way and give them an opportunity to be heard, offering them a warm inside environment they can feel safe in with their friends, around adults whom they can trust.

What We What To Achieve

To decrease social anxiety, bullying, youth violence, school truancy, lack of opportunity. To increase the amount of positive role models for the next generation to look up to, more inspired young people, increased interpersonal skills, to help raise self-esteem, build confidence and resilience, to promote and improve emotional, physical health and mental well-being. Improve teacher and student relationships. The journey has already begun and The 21UP Movement is already making an impact on young people.

Who We Are

The 21UP Movement is a self-funded youth intervention programme designed to create opportunities for today’s youth, to help install a belief system that will enable our children to believe in and work towards fulfilling their full potential. Emotional and environmental conditioning is preventing that from happening and we at The 21UP Movement want that to change!

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